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İsalt İnşaat

We are creating solutions that live in trust and continue to live in the construction sector with a focus on solutions and a customer focus, an innovative approach that constantly improves, provides added value with knowledge and experience.
Isalt Construction; has a prestigious project that has a brand value in the sector with its privileged privileges, stable growth targets, technical staff who produce solutions for needs, environmental awareness, quality understanding, reliability and strong financial structure.
Residential, business center and shopping mall, generating significant benefits to customers, using modern architectural approaches and advanced technologies, continues its activities in many regions of Turkey.
To respond to customer expectations at the highest level is to create realistic, different and lasting added value by developing our quality framework and standards that we have built over the years, using information and technology every day and every new project as much as possible.
• To create new, different, feasible, effective designs without compromising the solution while producing solutions for needs with contemporary architectural understanding.
• Design and production of long-lasting and quality materials in form and harmony
where the technology is used,
• To develop projects that are compatible with the natural, historical and cultural texture of cities
to contribute to the development of our cities.
By closely following all sectoral and institutional developments,
emotional and customer-focused work strategy,
always being "the best".

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